2005 Ford Five Hundred & Freestyle Launch

During the summer of 2004, Terry was a key part of the launch of the new Five Hundred and Freestyle products for the Ford Motor Company. Terry's responsibility was an in-depth technical review of unique under-the-skin features of these two new products.

One of the major new technologies was Ford's first continuously variable transmission or CVT. After using only his hands and words to explain how this component functioned, it became clear that the message was not being made well enough.  Terry determined that a better way was needed for the sales consultants to adequately understand the technology.

A visual aid was needed, but none existed, so he set about creating one.  Terry didn't know how to create an animation, so he learned a new software tool and ultimately created a technically accurate visual aid.

The result was so effective, it was adapted for use on the Mercury Montego launch tour that Fall.  Click here to see the animation he created.

2005 Ford Five Hundred2005 Ford Freestyle