2006 Lincoln Mark LT Ride-and-Drive

Terry canvassed the country training Lincoln-Mercury dealer salespeople on their newest vehicle, the Mark LT. This vehicle is a decendant of the wildly successful Ford F-150 pickup truck, but marks the appearance of the industry's first, true luxury pick-up truck.

During this training, the salespeople were briefed on the Mark LT's features and benefits, including design, style, and true truck capabilities. The participants were also exposed to the two closest competitors: The GMC Sierra Denali and the Cadillac Escalade EXT. During the day attendees drove or rode in each product and formulated their own conclusions about each.

Most L-M sales staff had never sold a fully-capable truck, so the program included a technical discussion of payload and towing capacities. This information was deep and could be confusing for the uninitiated. In order to deliver this material more efficiently, Terry developed a spreadsheet that performed the calculations. He used live demonstrations during the presentation which simplified the exercise for the participants. The spreadsheet was made available for use in the dealership.

This is a clear example of the kind of content improvement Terry can bring to any program. To see more about the spreadsheet, click here.

Here is what one attendee had to say about this training:

"The Mark LT is a fantastic product and because of the training ...
I now feel very confident in my own sales presentation."

-Peter W., Bowling Green Lincoln Mercury Jeep.