Terry has an extensive background in analysis, problem-solving, and business process improvement. Each project adds new and updated ideas and best practices, creating an atmosphere of continuous improvement to Terry's work.

Other Industry Experience

Workshop DiSC Deployment
  • Worked with management and Workshop Coordinators to design a process for easily distributing thousands of DiSC assessments to an iPad-based workshop
  • Created a User Guide and trained the Workshop Coordinators in using the process
  • The Everything DiSC Workplace profile was supplied by 10/10ths Development Corp and is available through their online DiSC store, DiSC Training Hub.
RFP Support
  • Led ideation and general development of an RFP for a new hybrid product ride-and-drive
  • Participated in numerous "stand-up" presentations as an in-dealership consultant, facilitator, presenter, driver-consultant and training manager
Audi Q-Power Perfect Delivery
  • Develop program materials, including large contributions to the "Perfect Delivery Best Practices Handbook"
  • Created a website to support the project and consultants in the field, AutoTrainingHub.com (no longer live)
  • Designed and implemented live forms to collect information from the consultants electronically
  • Designed reports to merge collected data into reporting spreadsheets to eliminate data entry 
  • Lead Consultant: Primary resource and mentor for other consultants in the field 
On-Camera Work
  • Portrayed a Honda Sales Consultant in clips used in a web-based training module
Ride-and-Drive Design
  • Designed handling courses to specifically highlight vehicle strengths and competitor weaknesses
  • Attended RFP "stand-up" meetings to provide overview of driving event specifics and answer any detailed questions from the client
  • Article published in Acura magazine for Sales Managers
  • Authored “Conducting Effective Meetings” for Mitsubishi training materials
  • Articles published in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine
  • Contributed narrative to numerous RFPs detailing operation of driving courses